The History of Combi

Combi began in 1957 as a family brand focused on creating quality products designed with innovation and exceptional materials. Our founder, Ryozo Matsura, believed that quality baby products were an integral part of caring for children, and he was passionate about creating products that were born out of careful research and development. In fact, Combi’s name came from the word “combination,” and from the very beginning we have been a company that is focused on and committed to the unity between parents and children. More than 60 years later, we still work hard everyday to design products that support the special relationship between children and their parents and caregivers.

Some of our early products were feeding bottles and our very popular Swan Potty that was beloved for both its whimsical design and its quality. Knowing that parenting is a busy endeavor, Combi developed the Combi Rack to help parents keep their little one close while also completing household tasks. A few years later, the Peter Ride On toy debuted, and over 1 million of these popular toys were sold.

In 1977 Combi created the Sandra Stroller, a product that fully embodied our dedication to innovation and novel material technology. Designed to be ultra light and compact, this stroller’s aluminum frame revolutionized the world of strollers forever. Then in 1986, our factory was certified to create car seats, and our facilities became the benchmark for quality car seat manufacturing.

For many decades, Combi has been the leading juvenile brand in Japan because of our focus on creating products that enrich lives and help our consumers achieve happiness on their parenting and caregiving journeys.

We are excited to be growing and developing an influential global brand, and at the core of our expansion is a firm desire to create a world where baby care is a source of enjoyment and happiness. Each of our employees works to create quality and innovative products that can be a helping hand for everyone who undertakes caring for a little one.

Our Combi USA division is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and our United States-based team is excited to be able to share Combi with the entire US market. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything that we can do for you.

We hope that you will allow us to partner with you and that Combi products will bring your family happiness and joy and serve as a wonderful support for you as you care for your child.

With love, happiness, and care—

Combi USA