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Combi USA Responds to Chicago Tribune Article

Combi USA, Inc.

Child restraint systems (CRS) are safe, and have proven to save children’s lives over many years.  Consumers should feel confident using these products to protect their children in the event of a crash.  NHTSA and Combi USA, as well as many other CRS manufacturers, collect data from the field involving actual crashes, confirming that these products perform well and save lives.

In the case of the Centre and Shuttle Infant Restraint referred to in the article in the Chicago Tribune on March 1, 2009, Combi USA was alarmed at the results and findings from NHTSA’s NCAP testing and took this information extremely seriously.  As mentioned in the article, the Centre and Shuttle had performed well when tested to the current US standard in over 150 tests.  We also had not received any complaints from the field regarding the seat separating from the base.

In cooperation with Transport Canada, Combi immediately began the process to investigate and understand the implications of the differences between the FMVSS 213 compliance testing and the in-vehicle testing conducted as it relates to the Centre and Shuttle Models.  After careful analysis of the data, we moved quickly to rectify the issue with these products.  Even though our car seats met the US government performance standards, we went above and beyond to institute a more stringent test and concluded that a recall of the Centre and Shuttle was necessary to improve the product to a level of safety that our consumers expect.  Combi USA continues to use this more stringent test to modify and develop our products.

We are constantly in the process of evaluating and re-evaluating our products.  We are analyzing the data relating to the Combi Connection to determine the next steps, if any are required.  Again, we have not received any reports from the field that the seat separated from the base of any Combi car seat.

Combi child restraint systems are extremely effective in protecting the lives of children in real world crashes.  Parents can be confident that Combi USA products will continue to provide the highest level of safety and convenience.

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