Combi enjoys partnering with bloggers in order to spread the word about Combi products. We love having our items featured in reviews, blogging events, and occasional giveaways.

We are interested in learning about what you do and why you would like to review a Combi product. Before we get more information from you, we want to be sure that you're aware of our expectations for our blogging partners:

  1. Reviews must be posted within one month of receiving the product. Giveaways must be posted on a date agreed upon by both Combi and the blogger.
  2. Blogger must write a full review of the product, including product information, personal opinions, and original photos. Combi can also provide hi-res product images at the blogger's request. Bloggers who are hosting a giveaway only must include a product description and at least one image of the item.
  3. Blogger must include links to Combi's website, Facebook page and Twitter profile. Optional: Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.
  4. For those doing a review, blogger must also rate the product on Combi's website by choosing "Write a Review" at the bottom of the appropriate product page. You may write a brief review, copy + paste a portion of your full review, or paste a link to the review on your site. Feel free to note that you received the product in exchange for your honest opinions. Bloggers who are only hosting giveaways are not required to take this step.
  5. Giveaways must include liking Combi on Facebook and following Combi on Twitter as entry options.
If you agree to meet these expectations through your review and/or giveaway, fill out the application linked below and submit via email to Include "Blogger Application" in the subject line. You may also attach or link to your media kit, if available.

Please do not submit the same application more than once. We will reach out to you if we feel that your blog is a good fit for our products and our brand. If you have worked with Combi before + have submitted this application in the past and are interested in doing another review and/or giveaway, please contact your Combi marketing representative directly.

Download the Combi Blogger Application

If you have trouble saving your information in the application, please fill out the online application.